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Enter our 5X contest for a chance to win one of five (5) prizes awarded with (60) $1 5X Scratch tickets each ($60 value). Just tell us what you would do if you won $10,000.  

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Featured Entries

  • “Pay bills”

    By Bill S.

  • “Restore my 1972 VW Beetle & other car repairs!”

    By Chuck W.

  • “Pay bills”

    By Judy P.

  • “Hi I have owned my own business for 28 years so I need a vacation in the worse way so that would be my first choice I would then give each of my 3 children a money gift 3rd I would donate to St Jude and Boys and Girls club. Thank you jeri”

    By JERI L.

  • “Visit a foreign country”

    By Jeffrey R.

  • “Take a huge chunk out of my student loan debt!”

    By Danielle H.

  • “Smile, Smile and Smile some more.”

    By JoLanda D.

  • “Pay off my car and take a trip to Banff National Park in Canada!”

    By Mary C.

  • “pay off a few bills”

    By Theresa C.

  • “Spend it on the grand kids.”

    By Chistine G.

  • “I'd probably help my son buy a car.”

    By Willard G.

  • “Buy My Wife, a new car, pay off loans, and fix My current car.”

    By Abu J.

  • “I would do some of much needed home repairs.”

    By Mary A.

  • “Treat me and my wife to our dream vacation.”

    By Timothy W.

  • “invest in a house”

    By jamond c.

  • “Plan a trip for my 25th wedding anniversary this year.”

    By Joel S.

  • “I would have the engine repaired on my 2000 Durango, cause I cannot afford a new car.”

    By Bob D.

  • “I would take some time off of work and go visit my sister that is going through cancer treatments.”

    By Amber C.

  • “2 week golf vacation”

    By Michael C.

  • “I would use as a down payment for my first house!!!”

    By Alejandro c.

  • “I would pay off some bills!”

    By Melissa .

  • “Tithe my first 10%, pay my tax bill, and pay off the credit union, then buy a truck, all in that order”

    By Karl A.

  • “YES”

    By Dave K.

  • “I would take a nice vacation, and buy a $50.00 scratch ticket.”

    By Paul J.

  • “Move back to Hawaii!”

    By John H.

  • “I would pay a hospital bill and try to save any leftover from that for other emergencies, such as vehicle repair, etc.”

    By Charlotte T.

  • “Watch Arizona in the NCAA tournament!”

    By Diana D.

  • “Go to Italy”

    By Scott G.

  • “I'd take my mom on a vacation that she really deserves for everything she's done for everyone all of her life.”

    By Brian J.

  • “Fix my roof that leaks about $5k (it's been leaking for a few years now and we don not have the money to fix it) and repair the water damage the leaks have caused to the ceilings in my home. then save what is left over for a rainy day fund.”

    By Lisa U.

  • “Fix up my vehicle.”

    By Monique L.

  • “Pay off credit card”

    By Alan G.

  • “Fix my truck”

    By STARLA T.

  • “Save some for retirement and keep buying more lottery tickets.”

    By Lonnie .

  • “I would use $10,000 to help fund my life goal. I have been saving for years to quit my job and travel to Europe. My goal is to gradually traverse the entire Eurasian continent. I want to start on the coast of Portugal, the westernmost point of the continent, and work my way all the way to coast of Russia. I plan to travel cheaply and slowly. Although $10,000 would not be enough to fund the entire journey, it would certainly get me close to my financial target to fund the journey.”

    By Eric R.

  • “I would buy a new car or a down payment on a house and start a trust fund for my kids”

    By Tiana W.

  • “Put down payment on a new car”

    By chantell W.

  • “Buy myself a more reliable vehicle.”

    By Kindra J.


    By Christine F.

  • “If I won $10,000 I would buy my husband and kids and myself all the things we have been needing, take a trip to Arizona our hometown and visit my father, and save whatever I could to find a different house eventually! !”

    By Ashley

  • “Take my lovely wife on a much needed vacation”

    By William C.

  • “I would be the luckiest person on my street!”

    By Roberta S.

  • “I need to replace a partial (teeth). + I want to get my grandson some dental work. I can't imagine doing anything else with the money. If I didn't do the dental, I would pay all my credit card debt, which is slightly less than $10,000.”

    By Sherry L.

  • “Go on a European vacation”

    By Christopher N.

  • “I would have a patio cover installed over the deck in my backyard so that my husband and I could enjoy the outdoors even more.”

    By Aleta W.

  • “Get my payout in $5 crossword puzzle and $5 Bingo's”

    By John S.

  • “Go on a trip (or save the money).”

    By Barbara W.

  • “Pay off some of the debt I have.”

    By Giang H.

  • “pay on my daughters college tuition”

    By Wanda D.


    By JULIAN S.

  • “Take a nice vacation”

    By Vincent D.

  • “take my wife of 28 years on the vacation she deserves”

    By Richard S.

  • “Save it!!!!”

    By Margo H.

  • “Have never been on a cruise ship. Plus pay bills bills bills !”

    By Lynn L.

  • “pay off credit cards that are eating my lunch”

    By Wendy H.

  • “A warm weather vacation”

    By Mike S.

  • “Beach vacation!”

    By Timothy F.

  • “Take my Mom on a cruise.”

    By Shannan T.

  • “Give to some of my charities”

    By Kris L.

  • “Give half of it to charity the way the world is everybody needs help”

    By Gina B.

  • “Help my family that's in need.”

    By Terri R.

  • “Repair the fencing and gates on my property.”

    By Roberto C.

  • “I would give one half to Denver Resue mission and other half fix up my van that has a lift for my wife who is wheel chair bound”

    By Denis H.

  • “Start a recycling company and help reduce the waste we produce.”

    By Charles C.

  • “Take my Mom on a cruise.”

    By Shannan T.

  • “Buy a car. I use the bus now.”

    By Joshua p.

  • “Pay off credit card”

    By Nathan

  • “OMG! My son is getting married this summer, so I would spend more on his wedding trip/gift!! PLEASE PICK ME!!”

    By Mary J.

  • “I will thank you and like to pay all my debt and be free and start to help those who are in needs and assist my family as well.”

    By Ofonmbuk I.

  • “I would pay my debts and then buy me a pair of shoes.”

    By Vicki K.

  • “Go on vacation”

    By Charles A.


    By Deborah M.

  • “I would donate some to charity and use the rest to pay bills.”

    By Kathy S.

  • “retire”

    By mark a.

  • “Pay for my moms hip surgery So she can spend more time with grandchildren”

    By Bennet M.

  • “Pay for my expense.”

    By Wichian P.

  • “Finish bathroom”

    By Sharon C.

  • “Remodel my kitchen”

    By Cliff S.

  • “Go on a nice trip!”

    By Wallis O.

  • “I would take a vacation with my wife.”

    By Chesleigh L.

  • “I would hire someone to list the correct deadline date on the contest rules 🔝above this box! Feb is long gone!”

    By Josh h.

  • “If I won $10,000 the first thing I would do is dance the Happy Dance! My children and grandchildren would each receive a share. Some would be put away for taxes and the rest would allow me to take an Alaskan Cruise with a land tour to Denali!”

    By Barbara M.

  • “Party!”

    By Michael M.

  • “I would pay some bills off and help my sick sisterarnrttas”

    By Arnetta s.

  • “Each grandchild would get 2500 in their college account!!!”

    By Judith D.

  • “I would pay off some of my student loan debt.”

    By Willie V.

  • “I would use for my studies”

    By Tshering T.

  • “Pay for medical tests, prescriptions, and a used car for 1000.”

    By Marci C.

  • “Buy more tickets”

    By Eva G.

  • “Buy a new home.”

    By Valerie L.

  • “Use it to help put down money on a new home and buy more lottery tickets.”

    By Ralph L.

  • “Give my businesses a boost!”

    By Shannan T.

  • “Take my Mom on a cruise.”

    By Shannan T.

  • “If I won $10,000, I would give some to my daughter for watching her little brother when I have to work, and give up a fight to do so, like my sons' father does.”

    By Danyelle L.

  • “I would first be enormously thankful and I'm sure I'd cry, then I would pay my debt of $3,000,, give my Son $1,500, my Granddaughter $1,000, go to Blackhawk one time and spend no more than $400. Downsize to a twin-size bed so I'd have more room in my bedroom. Put $2,000 in savings, and have the rest for incidentals and scratch tickets because I don't buy lottery tickets anymore, for some reason Colorado never SEEMS to win. I would also splurge and buy a $20 and $50 scratch ticket--something I have never done, winning is fun, but losing hurts, so I've never bought higher than $10 scratch tickets. (I did win $200 once on a $10 scratch ticket and it was FANTASTIC!!!!)”

    By Cristiaan C.

  • “I would make a down payment for a home for my children”

    By Keli B.

  • “buy an atv”

    By Gerald I.

  • “Treat my wonderful lady to a nice getaway”

    By Ricky A.

  • “Pay my bills and this 73 year old would retire”

    By Barbara C.

  • “pay some medical bills”

    By Donna S.