Cloud 9 Ca$h is a dreamer of a game with three top instant prizes of $199,999 and a lot more from $9 to $19,999. Be sure to play today. 

Enter our Cloud 9 Ca$h contest for a chance to win one of six (6) prizes awarded with 10 Cloud 9 Ca$h tickets each ($50 value). Just tell us what it is that brings you to a total state of happiness (just keep it clean!). 

One entry per email address. Contest ends Monday, February 19th @ noon. 


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Featured Entries

  • “I would take my mom for a weekend trip to Aspen for her birthday.”

    By andi

  • “All my children and I on a vacation”

    By debra S.

  • “winning a big jackpot... and paying off my and my sons bills”

    By diane s.

  • “enjoying my family”

    By Jim W.

  • “retireing”

    By melody k.

  • “Retirement”

    By Darlene J.

  • “A gift for sharing.”

    By Peter C.

  • “Happiness to me is my family,and everyone being healthy and happy.”


  • “a cold drink.”

    By John K.

  • “Winning the lottery.”

    By Greg M.

  • “Being with my Family, pets and Loved ones.”

    By Donald G.

  • “Some unexpected lottery winnings would definitely put me on Cloud 9”

    By Bill B.

  • “Peace and calm in our world!”

    By Gina C.

  • “Paying all my bills, paying my families bills and getting new tires:)”

    By Hank y.

  • “Winning when I play Colorado scratch games.”

    By derrick m.

  • “Laying on a beach with a good book and a drink with an umbrella in it!”

    By Megan M.

  • “New England fall colors.”

    By Lynn A.

  • “To win $199,999!”

    By Bernie V.

  • “I am a "dreamer". That's what my Dad always called me. If you don't have dreams, you don't have a place to start.”

    By Chris M.

  • “I am 59 years old and don't have retirement. This would be my state of happiness to have this to retire with!”

    By Susan K.

  • “To win big $$”

    By Mark T.

  • “Being Financially secure for the rest of my life and never having to "work for the man" again.”

    By Jeff R.

  • “Winning of course.. but my wife almost every time”

    By John W.

  • “Enjoying ALL that Colorado has to offer! I would spend any winnings on more Red Rocks shows, fly fishing and camping trips while traveling to new parts of the state!”

    By Michael D.

  • “Seeing my children become successful young adults. My son is graduating from college this summer and has a job lined up. My daughter is graduating from High School and is planning on attending college this fall. It is so exciting to see them become successful young adults.”

    By Bob A.

  • “Winning BIG with the Colorado Lottery!!!!!”

    By Nick R.

  • “Being in the mountains with my husband and dog :)”

    By hayley m.

  • “Pay off my house :-)”

    By Erin A.

  • “A better life for my kids .”

    By Robert r.

  • “Having to work 0 hours a week!”

    By Eli W.

  • “being with my grandkids”

    By Jackie R.

  • “My Grand kids!!”


  • “Adding another synthesizer to my music studio would put me on cloud 9!”

    By Robert A.

  • “Winning all of these scratch tickets!”

    By Julie C.

  • “Winning the lottery”

    By Daniel r.

  • “Bills paid, and my family happy and worry free, living life to our full potential without nagging forces nipping at our heels.”

    By Andrew H.

  • “Paying off all of my bills.”

    By Jeffrey C.

  • “Flying anywhere!”

    By Bill A.

  • “A home for my kids rather than the hotel we have been living in since the end of January.”

    By Maria l.

  • “Being anywhere with my kids where they are happy. Knowing they are happy and on cloud 9 makes me happy and on cloud 9. Most times, my happiness is a reflection of their happiness....😊”

    By Katherine W.

  • “$199k”

    By james p.

  • “A vacation”

    By Beagen B.

  • “Honestly, having my house paid off not worrying about a monthly payment. That would bring all happiness in the world!”

    By Beau C.

  • “Winning Power Ball!!”

    By Craig M.

  • “Winning a large jackpot”

    By Greg U.

  • “A sunny beach, in ice cold drink and a pocket full of lottery cash!”

    By Steve s.

  • “Taking my wife to see the northern lights a 2nd time before she loses her vision.”

    By Paul M.

  • “My grandkids”

    By Colleen D.

  • “Vacation”

    By Keely F.

  • “Being able to help my family and others!!”

    By Filomena Y.

  • “What would bring me to a total state of happiness? A trip with my hubby to my happy place... Las Vegas!”

    By Tammy N.

  • “I am handicapped and on a limited budget and winning a little extra cash would be awesome!”

    By Karen D.

  • “Colorado!”

    By James P.

  • “To finally win something”

    By Desiree J.

  • “Being able to pay all of my past due bills and having some extra left over to purchase a newer vehicle and start a hotshot business.”

    By Theryl M.

  • “Ultimate Consciousness”

    By RossTilton

  • “If somehow my niece could have a remission from her stage 4 cancer diagnosis”

    By joanne k.

  • “Live Music at Red Rocks!”

    By Lynn T.

  • “Walking with my dog, Nabi.”

    By Craig B.

  • “being able to afford the wedding my youngest daughter is hoping for. She is being very frugal in the costs to date, knowing that they are making major sacrafices in what it is they would really want.”

    By Steven R.

  • “Having a day off!”

    By Denise B.


    By Tyra M.

  • “Watching my rescued dog sleep all snuggled in her bed.”

    By Kathy G.

  • “Not having to go to my job everyday!!”

    By sandi b.

  • “Worked for State Parks years ago and I love seeing Lottery money go to keeping them beautiful. My family and I get so much use of Colorado State Parks!”

    By Suazo

  • “To be able to win some money for just me.”

    By Betty F.

  • “Being able to afford myself and children a home. 😊”

    By Nicki R.

  • “Winning the top prize on a cloud 9 scratch ticket.”

    By Robert C.

  • “I'm in a total state of happiness everyday I wake up and take a breath!”

    By Travis

  • “My wife to be cured of her horrible disease.”

    By Ken H.

  • “Getting four our of five numbers in Cash Five!”

    By Jeffrey B.

  • “Watching my husband be an amazing dad to our boys.”

    By Stacie B.

  • “House, property, a place to paint. Happy family.”

    By Angela C.

  • “Winning enough to get myself outta debt with maybe just enough to take a vacation like a cruise to the bahamas”

    By Jayci S.

  • “I would be at the point of moving to a beach front house in a different country.”

    By Karen M.

  • “Spending more time with family Winning on scratch tickets”

    By Phillip g.

  • “My wife, NFL Football, and Golf. That is what puts me on Cloud 9!”

    By Vince .

  • “Knowing my family is safe and takien care of. Seeing them happy.”

    By Stephen G.

  • “The smell of the air after a thunderstorm”

    By Devin R.

  • “Financial independence”

    By aaron

  • “To allow my wife to be able to retire, I think we are one good win away. She has worked as a social worker for 30 years and deserves some free time.”

    By kevin k.

  • “Island oasis pure bliss”

    By Amanda J.

  • “to be able to afford to to travel”

    By Sherry g.

  • “Winning the lottery!!!”

    By Joan F.

  • “Winning big. And being able to help my children”

    By Doris B.

  • “Any Blessing to the plus side, helps us these days.. Fred A.”

    By Fred A.

  • “Financial stability and early retirement”

    By Terry G.

  • “A trip to New Zealand to visit our Kiwi grandchildren!”

    By Linda F.

  • “A pocket full of sunshine 😉”

    By Elizabeth K.

  • “Win the Lottery !”

    By Salvador

  • “Being able to own my own home. Decorating to my taste and planting flowers. Love digging in the dirt and having fresh flowers in the house.”

    By Patty H.

  • “good health!”

    By Lydia C.

  • “Paying off Bills!”

    By Darrick S.

  • “If the Bronco's hired a new quarterback”

    By Claudia L.

  • “Seeing my 2 year old grandson!”

    By Danella W.

  • “A big win lotto!”

    By Kyle R.

  • “Winning!!”

    By Carrie B.

  • “Financial stability for me and my kids”

    By Shawn B.

  • “I could pay off all of my girlfriends student loans! She works so hard and is such a wonderful therapist for children and adolescents!”

    By Chadwick H.

  • “A year off of work with over time pay!”

    By Jerry B.

  • “Cloud 9 of course.”

    By Bill S.

  • “Spending time with family and friends. Also a chance to win big.”

    By Jayson O.

  • “Rockies win the world series”

    By Workman

  • “Enjoying every day to its fullest!”

    By Melissa .

  • “Win enough money to pay off my house and have enough left over to do a river cruise for my wife and I.”

    By Leroy W.

  • “Playing it forward helping giving with a happy heart ❤”

    By Holly j.

  • “I'm very happy now. I have my health, my Scottie Dog, a good job, friends and family. got me. I guess more money to travel more often.”

    By James D.

  • “being financially secure, enjoying my family and friends. oh yes my pets are also extremely important.”

    By mark w.

  • “MY WIFE”

    By Steven S.

  • “Buying a house”

    By Kelly S.

  • “My total state of happiness would be that I wou be able to stay home with my baby and watch them grow up without worrying about money.”

    By Donald p.

  • “feeling financially seciue”

    By Lyn M.

  • “I have had a few episodes that has brought me to a total state of happiness in my life to name a few was when my children and grandchildren were born. I have never won any large amounts of money. To be an instant winner of $1999,999 would top it off and be added to my list if total state of happiness.”

    By Debora D.

  • “Being engaged to a very beautiful, successful, woman. Sharon is the love of my life💖!!”

    By Gordon W.

  • “To one day be able to help my son and daughter-in-law pay their medical bills from her transplant.”

    By Rebecca J.

  • “Being able to go to Egypt with my brother.”

    By Cathy M.

  • “A free autism school”

    By Ashley J.

  • “Being debt free”

    By Fran m.

  • “Being able to gave back and to help others thank you”

    By Timothy F.

  • “A safe and happy home!!!”

    By Francis c.

  • “I am on my lottery member I play on a daily basis scratch games as well Powerball lotto mega millions as to right now I have over $30,000 invested in losing second chance tickets are use the money that I win to continue playing so I put back everything I win trying to win a jackpot my goal if I win is to donate to the animals that are abused which would make me so happy to contribute to because I have a big heart! It pains me to see so many dogs and cats and other animals get tortured or abused I want to stop it all and make a difference for all they know is to love you would make me the happiest person in the world to be able to do this for all of them this will be my goal no matter what happens and I will do this no animal should be Neglected tortured or abused left out in the cold without food I want to stop this now this is what would make me the happiest person God bless Brian”

    By Brian L.

  • “Being with all my Grandkids as the the same time.”

    By Caroline D.

  • “Being able to be debt free.”

    By CorinneStagl

  • “Just being able to spend time with my family”

    By Marc b.


    By Sandra L.

  • “Good sleep.”

    By Brittany C.

  • “All my bills paid”

    By Josep H.

  • “I would like to send the time I have with my she has stage 4 cancer a little extra money would be nice By Michelle M”

    By Michelle M.

  • “100.000 dollars”

    By Andrew B.

  • “Plopping down on the beach in Abaco, Bahamas.”

    By Jay B.

  • “Taking my grandson to Disney world”

    By Paul C.

  • “To take my wife to cripple creek for our anniversary and my birthday. Oh! what a state of happiness.”

    By michael y.

  • “Seeing my kids happy and healthy brings me complete happiness.”

    By Megan P.

  • “The chance to reverse my lemony snickets and have a string of good luck. (like win scratch win. Dance my butt off jump up and down thank the lord and find me a little piece of heaven on 🌎 for as long as possible!!!!!!!!!!!”

    By Rudy M.

  • “No debt”

    By David B.

  • “Being able to treat my wife to a nice vacation.”

    By Matthew C.

  • “Warm tropical waters and swaying palms.”

    By Cynthia J.

  • “Me and my twin brother loading up on the boat and heading over to Lake Powell for a week-long fishing trip brings me pure happiness; and yes we do do this several times a summer.”

    By Matt W.

  • “My life is full of happiness already! Would love to win a jackpot to have financial security.”

    By Jean B.

  • “Being able to go above and beyond by helping someone in a temporary set back.”

    By Terry M.

  • “Bills paid off!”

    By Jeffrey T.

  • “Being a good financially stable mother . I am anyways but”

    By Jacque g.

  • “Watching Nolan Arenado hit a walk off home run!”

    By Kendall Y.

  • “Winning more than 5 bucks on a scratch ticket! (That’s the most I’ve ever won!) I’d be able to pay off my student loans and buy more supplies for the business I just opened!”

    By Alexanda

  • “Taking my daughters on trips and getting to spend family time with them”

    By Heather C.

  • “Just a dream to win something no matter what just something”

    By Yolanda C.

  • “Take my family on a vacation to Disney land”

    By Donald L.

  • “A day off with no errands and no responsibility.”

    By Andrew J.

  • “Living at the beach.”

    By Stephanie G.

  • “Winning 5,000.00 a month for life so that my husband and I can have a great retirement!”

    By Gina J.

  • “To be able to give my family and loved ones something that they truly deserve an help veterans”

    By Jacob o.

  • “Having all 3 of my girls here at the house joking around and having a good time puts me in cloud 9. They are my 3 muskateers and 100% the hits of my life!”

    By Monica c.

  • “If i won colorado lottery.”

    By Molly T.

  • “My kids put me on cloud 9 when I see them smile.”

    By April M.

  • “my twin grandsons”

    By Tom M.

  • “Getting to take my husband and step son out for an amazing day of learning and fun and laughing and love and having a photo shoot with the two of them. <3 Just being able to spend a full day with both of them and be able to have photos for later memories would be a dream come true. It'd be more than cloud 9 for me. <3”

    By Michelle b.

  • “To be the next big winner for the Colorado lottery!!!!!”

    By Delphia V.

  • “Spending time with my husband and our dog --just being together is always a precious wonderful time. My happy place.”

    By Janet B.

  • “To find the love of my life.”

    By Chris B.

  • “To know that my sister who is 7 years older than me has finally found gainful employment despite her age. I have been trying to help her find a job so far to no avail.”

    By Marilyn T.

  • “My beautiful family!”

    By Lupe C.

  • “Being with my wife nd kids”

    By Antonio R.

  • “Being able to pay some bills and send my mom some money! Nothing feels better than at least a month of not worrying about debt!”

    By Ehren M.

  • “Winning a scratch ticket”

    By Ellen B.

  • “Winning”

    By Josh w.

  • “A great cup of coffee”

    By Angie u.

  • “Just winning the loto.”

    By Jaime .

  • “I would like to get ahead or caught up with my financial woes.”

    By Cory P.

  • “A beach vacation!”

    By Timothy F.

  • “If I could regain the full use of my legs, I would be in a total state of happiness.”

    By Anne S.

  • “Being debt free!!”

    By Alicia B.

  • “Development of an external fire suppression system for structures in wildfire areas”

    By Tim F.

  • “My family doing well, happy and healthy.”

    By sandy g.

  • “I would love to win the one nine nine nine nine to help me catch up on some bills”

    By lawrence

  • “Being outside under the clouds and also should be warm. And watching the sun come up over the water”

    By Neddie L.


    By Megan J.

  • “Be debt free”

    By Mathew b.

  • “Pay off my house and some other debt.”

    By Dan R.

  • “To be able to retire😀”

    By Brian S.

  • “To take my family to glenwood hot springs and soak for a great weekend and not have to worry about money for a couple of days.”

    By Coty W.

  • “I would love to bring together all the cousin and their families. My grandma had 31 kid and as we were growing up we were all so close, but as our parents passed and our families got bigger we slowly drifted apart. It would be so nice for all the cousins to meet and enjoy family the way we did so many years ago”

    By Sheryl L.

  • “To explore this wonderful planet of ours! To boldly go where others have gone before!”

    By Dwayne .

  • “Having all my daughters here with me from Michigan to spend time with. I miss my babies, and being with them truly puts me on cloud 9”

    By Mark R.

  • “A little cash to decorate or upgrade things in the house”

    By Nicole B.

  • “Being in a car club - which are MINI Coopers -going on awesome rides with my husband and our fur babies - and some awesome people we have seen the best of Colorado back road.”

    By Debbie R.

  • “Being able to pay off my house so I can leave it clear to my kids!”

    By Joseph F.

  • “Love and money but not love because of money”

    By Micheal r.

  • “When I tell Alexa to play thunderstorm sounds as I fall into a deep sleep.”

    By David j.

  • “When my dog sits in my lap and gives me lots of kisses and has his tail wagging. Then my cat comes and lays on my chest and we are all in a total state of happiness!!!!”

    By gordon y.

  • “What would put me on cloud 9en? Well make a new home for my mum and dad making a casino on my reservation and be able to help out animals that don't have homes and go for a trip around the world and have all my bills paid for that would put me on Cloud 9 thank you”

    By Raven C.

  • “Getting wet and blowing bubbles while SCUBA diving.”

    By DeeAnn K.

  • “My love Amanda, and A Philly Cheesesteak wit Whiz and wit' everything .”

    By Jeremy S.

  • “Just one time ...Hitting a Big One :) OH SUCH BLISS :) :) :)”

    By David C.

  • “Debt free and able to do what I want when I want to. Able to help others in need.”

    By Al M.

  • “This is my big wish to buy a house in safe place in Afghanistan”

    By Najmodin k.

  • “Winning big on a scratch ticket! Lots I could do with the $$$$.”

    By Pam M.

  • “MY WIFE.”

    By Glenn G.

  • “Knowing that I get to wake up every day to my family and friends...what a gift! Nothing in this world can bring you more happiness then that!”

    By Melanie

  • “Happiness would be to pay off my credit cards my debt so I can enjoy my life with my grandkids”

    By Bridget V.

  • “Being financially stable would help a ton.”

    By Patrick

  • “winning $199,999!!! I would pay down mortgage debt and be a step closer to retirement!”

    By Julian M.

  • “A day off from and sleeping in”

    By Kim W.

  • “Traveling Colorado, camping in the mountains and mountain biking amazing trails!”

    By Scott S.

  • “A Bluebird powder day...”

    By Steve H.

  • “Getting out of debt and being able to buy groceries”

    By Maryann O.

  • “MONEY”

    By Gigi M.

  • “Early morning Hot coffee on the deck watching the sun rise.”

    By Bonnie M.

  • “Financial Freedom”

    By Larry R.

  • “winning on my favorite scratch game puts me on cloud 9!!!”

    By Nicholas v.

  • “Laying next to the love of my life, as she sleeps in my arms :)”

    By Angela M.

  • “When I’m scratching Colorado lottery tickets it’s unbelievable feeling especially when I win q”

    By Ames S.

  • “I am part of Sēb's Recreation Center, a new center that just opened up that caters to people with physical disabilities and special needs. We are in great need of money to buy specialized fitness equipment that is wheelchair accessible. To be able to give money to the center to buy that equipment would mean the world.”

    By Lisa L.

  • “Books bring me to a total space of happiness . Reading makes me stress free”

    By Star Y.

  • “Total state of happiness laying out on the beach cold drink in my hand and watching my family having fun”

    By Turi H.

  • “Succeeding in life and moving forward.. Great nights camping, fishing and exploring Colorado with family and friends..”

    By Theresa M.

  • “Sitting in the fall sun on McClure Pass with a cold beer and my family!”

    By Jeff s.