Winner's Stories


Now that's dedication! 
Nellie H. used to live in CO and was patiently waiting for our The Walking Dead ticket to be released (She's a *huge* TWD fan and has seen every episode!) But she was diappointed to miss out on it when she moved to San Diego in January with her husband who was transferred by the military. So she did what any true fan would do - she asked her Mom to send her a few Walking Dead tickets, and 1 of the 3 was a $20,000 winner! She flew back to CO just so she could claim the prize ...wouldn't you do the same?


You can't tell from the photo, but Bill P. from Brighton has 10,000 reasons to smile. An Army Nat'l Guard veteran who logged more than 2 million miles working transport during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Bill has been struggling with several health issues. 
Well after yet another morning appt at the VA, he picked up a couple of 10X The Money tickets and was shocked to see that he had a $10,000 Top Prize winner! He plans to tip the retail clerks a lil something, plus trade in his beloved Harley for 3-wheeler, which will make it easier and less painful to ride. Congratulations, Bill. And thank you sir for your service!


Barry R. won $20,000 playing Powerball! He has a very specific Powerball pattern: He only buys tickets the day of the drawing, he uses the same numbers each time, and he looks at the jackpot billboards and if they "feel right to him", then he goes for it! Well, your system works for ya Barry, congratulations!

He bought the big winner at King Soopers on Leetsdale, right behind the Colorado Lottery office in Denver.