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Players Tools

Half the fun of playing the Colorado Lottery's games is researching the best way to play. Here are the tools to do just that! Explore the sections below to find out what piques your interest... and maybe, per chance, the information will give you a leg up on luck. If you're a MyLottery member, be sure to save your customized reports to your personal dashboard.

Drawing History
All of the winning numbers, since the Colorado Lottery began selling each of the Jackpot games, are available to you. Reports are fully customizable, and you can download them into formats that will allow you to "play" around with them.

Drawing History Tool

Number Tools
How many times has your favorite number come up? How about the digits in your Mom's birthdate? Check out our Numbers Tool to find how frequently or rarely numbers have been drawn. Need a random number generator? We've got one here for you.

Numbers Tools

Retailers Report
Curious where all the winning retailers are? Select your favorite game - enter a zipcode, and we'll tell you. You'll know the total number of top prize winners sold at that retailer - the amount won, and the most recent winner sold. If you're a retailer - use it to encourage competition with stores that are near you!

Retailers Report

Scratch Report
Everything you want to know about our Scratch games is available in this report (well, almost). Customize the report by selecting game attributes that you're interested in - by top prize amount, games with drawings, and more! Store it on your MyLottery dashboard. Once saved, you just have to update it.

Scratch Report

Winners Report
If you've ever heard that you can't win the Lottery, it's not true. This report proves it! Check out all of the winners in your city, as well as throughout the state.  See how many winners win in each game. Do you want to be a winner?

Winners Report

Pool Play
Joining a lottery pool can dramatically increase your chance of winning and the cost of playing! Use these forms to manage your Lottery pool. 

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