Every time you buy a ticket from us, you keep Colorado beautiful. From your local park down the street to our 14,000-foot peaks, Lottery dollars go directly toward the parks, recreation, open space and wildlife projects that make Colorado a better place to play. Thanks for making it all possible.

Colorado, the eighth largest state with more than 103,000 square miles, is dominated by the Rocky Mountains. Colorado boasts more land above 10,000 feet than any other state, and our Fourteeners provide a marvelous alpine challenge for the mountaineer and hiker. Climbing the Fourteeners has become so popular that the sheer numbers of people climbing some of the peaks threatens their delicate alpine ecosystems. 

The Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI) uses Lottery dollars to fund major trail reconstruction and volunteer-based trail stewardship projects on approximately two-thirds of the Fourteeners statewide. To date, CFI has constructed 26 sustainable summit routes on 24 Fourteeners. Because you play the Lottery, these mountain peaks are being preserved for future generations to discover. It's just another example of your Lottery dollars at work!

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Glenn Randall

Since 1979, Glenn Randall has combined his love of wilderness with a passion for photography. His intimate knowledge of atmospheric optics, weather, and the landscapes he photographs allows him to produce exceptional images. His work has been published in Audubon, Avalanche, Barnes & Noble, Brown Trout, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, and Runner’s World calendars and in Audubon, GEO, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, SKI, Los Angeles Times Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, New York Times Magazine, and many others.