Don't Toss Your Second Chance

Keep that raccoon rascal from taking away your second chance at winning! Enter your non-winning Scratch tickets with the Colorado Lottery's Don't Toss Your Second Chance drawing. You have until noon on Monday, October 1st to get them entered! 

You Could Be a Winner!
Two grand prizes will be awarded for $25,000 each on Tuesday, October 2nd. But that's not all!  A winner will be drawn every week beginning Tuesday, July 10th for 12 weeks, and awarded $300 worth of Scratch tickets! That's a lot of opportunities to win.

Keep His Paws Off Your Prize!
Sign in to your MyLottery account or as a Guest and give us some basic personal information so we can contact you if you win. Go to Second-Chance, enter the 22-digit number from your non-winning Scratch ticket (hidden beneath the Scratch-off coating), and you'll be entered. It's easy! You'll receive confirmation that will tell you which drawing you have entered, and how many entries you have received.

Better Your Chances
The Don't Toss Your Second Chance drawing gives you entries based on the price value of the tickets you enter. A $1 Scratch ticket will give you one entry into the drawing, a $2 ticket will give you two entries, and so on. Be sure to enter all eligible non-winning tickets to better your chances of winning!

Play Big, Win Big With These Additional Second-Chance Drawings

Our $10 and $20 Scratch games offer great instant prizes, and huge second-chance drawings! Enter your eligible Monumental Millions non-winning tickets to win a whopping $1 million or enter Luminous Loot for a chance to win $500,000.  Enter Dough Plow and $250,000 Magic Crossword for a chance to win $250,000. Infinite Winnings and Vast Rewards offer a second-chance to win $50,000. 

For more information about all of our second-chance drawings and to enter your non-winning tickets today, click here!

It Pays to Belong!
If you're a MyLottery member, you'll have access to an on-demand printable second-chance drawing summary that will help you keep tabs on all of your entries and upcoming drawing dates. You can easily access your summary report through your personal dashboard. But if you're not a member you won't have access to the on-demand summary, so sign up for MyLottery today!


Eligible Games

Price and Entry Value Game Name Game Number
1 Shore Bet 564
1 Buckaroo 592
1 7-11-21 573
1 Wish Bone$ 574
1 7-11-21 601
1 7-11-21 550
1 Luminary Luck 560
1 Scratch the Surface 556
1 CurrenCies 559
1 Cinco de Mayo - Holiday Series V 553
1 Dollar $ign$ 608
1 Independence Day - Holiday Series V 553
1 Independence Day Dollar$ 612
2 Mile High Money 575
2 Pair-A-Dice 584
2 Super 7-11-21 588
2 Super 7-11-21 543
2 Colorado Ca$h 593
2 Rockin' 7s 602
2 Cash Crash 605
2 Volcanic Cash 532
2 Sapphire Blue - 7s Series V 542
2 Joker$ Wild Poker 569
2 Goin' Green 536
3 Special Hand Poker 591
3 Mystery Money 585
3 Invitation to Win! 598
3 Party Poker 597
3 Crossword Deluxe 496
5 Super Lemon Lime Crossword 577
5 Odds On Favorite 576
5 Super Bonus Bonus Word Crossword 589
5 Musical Note$ 565
5 Fifty Large 562
5 Reel Winner$ 561
5 Super Bonus Purple Word Crossword 548
5 High Octane 557
5 Rageous Riches 552