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Top Prizes Remaining

Second-Chance Drawing Details

Eligible non-winning tickets can be entered into the drawing by entering the 22-digit number located on the front of the ticket, the player's name, telephone number, valid email address, mailing address and date of birth in the designated spaces.

Tickets may only be registered once, all Colorado Lottery rules apply. Winners will be notified by the Colorado Lottery and must present the winning ticket within 15 days of being contacted in order to claim prize.

Drawing: Tenacious
Entries accepted: July 6, 2015
Entry deadline: TBD
Drawing date: TBD
Drawing guidelines here

1 Games included in Tenacious


Ticket Price:   $10
Top Prize:   $10,000
Total Number of Top Prizes:   99
Top Prizes Remaining:   99
Probability of Winning:   1 in 3