Lottery Celebrates Banner Year of Sales

PUEBLO – The Colorado Lottery has recorded a banner year of sales totaling $401.4 million and generating $104 million in proceeds. The record marks the second-best sales year in the Lottery's 21-year history.

The highest sales year was 2002 when Powerball was introduced.  The Lottery posted $407 million in sales that year coupled with $110 million in proceeds. 

"To record this level of sales and, more importantly, to generate $100 million for our proceed recipients says a lot about Lottery employees and how hard they work to provide the types of products our players have come to expect," commented Lottery Director Peggy Gordon.

The Lottery's impact on Colorado communities is evident in the 2004 fund amounts the recipients are to receive:

F            Conservation Trust Fund -- $41.6 million for local parks and recreation projects ($555 million since 1983)

F            Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation -- $10.4 million for state parks ($138 million since 1983)

F        Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund (GOCO) -- $49.6 million for parks, recreation, wildlife, open space and environmental education projects (Total to GOCO since it began in 1993: $361 million)

F        State Public School Contingency Reserve -- $2.4 million ($14.5 million since 2001)

 The Lottery's Scratch games set an all-time record with sales of $260.9 million in FY04 and continue to be the driving sales force for the Lottery.  In fiscal year 2004, Powerball sales totaled $85 million, Lotto $40.8 million and Cash 5 recorded its best sales total ever of  $14.5 million.

While the Lottery’s proceeds recipients were celebrating a cash windfall, Lottery players were big winners as well.  Overall, $236.6 million in prizes was awarded for all Lottery games in FY04, for a 21-year total of $3 billion.   But players and proceeds recipients weren’t the only winners -- some 2,800 Lottery retailers earned $30.2 million in commissions and bonuses in fiscal year 2004 ($370 million since 1983).


July 1, 2004
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