Commerce City Man Wins RV Thanks to Lottery and FOX 31

  DENVER – Steve Butts will no longer have to worry about where he’ll take cover when his fishing trips are threatened by storms. On Friday morning, the Commerce City resident chose the lucky key that unlocked a 27-foot trailer from Windish RV – the top prize in the 25-Week Adventure Contest sponsored by the Colorado Lottery, FOX 31 and Windish RV. The contest promoted the Lottery’s proceeds partners while giving participants a chance to win wildlife viewing guides, State Parks passes, Lotto tickets and a trailer worth $26,000.

"I’m still shaking a little bit," said Butts after claiming his prize. "I just did it (participated in the contest) for fun; I didn’t totally do it with the idea of winning something."

For 25 weeks, the Lottery and FOX 31 posted clues about the identity of a Lottery-funded proceeds project, dubbed "Silver Stars." Those who guessed correctly were entered into a drawing for prize packs or the chance to win a key that could potentially open the trailer. Butts earned his shot at a key during the twelfth week of the contest.

Those who qualified for keys gathered at Windish RV in Lakewood Friday morning to pick a key and, attempt to open the well-equipped RV. Butts, who could barely fit his hand into the fishbowl of keys, said of  his pick, “it was like the key jumped into my hand.”

"It was the Lord’s will," said Butts, a driver for a construction and demolition company.

Butts, a fan of fishing and camping,  said his friends who snowmobile, will likely be asking to borrow the RV. His three kids will also be eager to put the new toy to use.

"No matter where it’s parked, they’ll want to sleep in it," said Butts.

Since its creation 25 years ago, the Lottery has poured $2 billion into the state. Lottery dollars have contributed to building parks, restoring trails, preserving open space, protecting wildlife and improving recreational opportunities for citizens statewide.







August 15, 2008
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