Fort Collins Restaurant Owner Hits Cash 5 Jackpot


Frank Perez FORT COLLINS- Pobre Pancho’s restaurant owner and retired Navy veteran Frank Perez is feeling a little richer these days.  He won the top prize of $20,000 in the CASH 5 drawing from July 12.  Mr. Perez didn’t realize the extent of his good fortune until he went to the Fort Collins Lottery Office to claim his prize.  Prior to that, he had attempted to check his ticket at the local Albertson’s when the clerk told him he would have to go to the lottery office for his money.  He didn’t bother checking to see how much he had won because he “wanted to be surprised.”  Mr. Perez said, “I was hoping maybe it was worth a thousand dollars or something like that.”  He was extremely surprised when the Lottery office informed him his ticket matched all 5 numbers for the top prize.  Mr. Perez plans to “celebrate” his winning and proclaimed “today is my lucky day.” 




July 12, 2008
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